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Final Fantasy XIV New Jobs and Classes!

Finally after being stuck with the same classes and jobs for a year on  Final Fantasy XIV 1.0, they blow the lid off of the maybe not so hard to guess surprise.


Some of the jobs that have been unveiled for Final Fantasy XIV is the Arcanist and the Summoner. Here we have the Arcanist class! Again not such a surprise since there is a guild in the game already plus the Arcanist NPC that appears in the main story but its still fun to see it acknowledged. From what we know so far Arcanists is a mage class that uses “Arcane magic”. By arcane I mean CARBUNCLE! Welcome back little buddy. Carby was a summoners pet in FFXI.  We are told that there may be more pets but so far Carbuncle is it.



That class then goes down the path of Summoner! Also a welcome fan favorite return. Summoners use books to summon primal powers. But you wont see a giant Ifrit or Garuda stomping around. Not like Final Fantasy 11. In 14 summoner will invoke the essence of each primal to use its abilities.


That’s all the information we know for now. Just wish they’d release the  Musketeer job already for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Dual wielding guns? Yes please!




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