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Final Fantasy XIV ARR Macros

Final Fantasy XIV ARR Macros Quick start guide.

Final Fantasy XIV ARR  Macros are a life saver. In general, macros allow you to do multiple things with the press of a single button as oppose to many. You can create Macros which combine certain actions in the order you wish with a simple push button. To get started, assuming that you have the standard layout. The setup is as follows.


One – on the bottom right of your in-game screen, you have your main system icons like so:

final fantasy xiv arr macros

Click on the bottom rows last button (XIV) button to get a new menu which will look like this (below)

final fantasy xiv arr macros

Thereafter, select the option that reads ” User Macros “.  A window will appear which has some numbers and an editable box in which you can type in.  It looks like this (below)


This box above is where all the magic happens. Overall, the purpose for Final Fantasy XIV ARR Macros is to group user actions into one button.

Using this Macro setup box is where we combine our favorite actions and repeat actions into one button.

For example, currently i am a  Summoner level 47. At the start of every battle, once the tank takes enough hate, i manually cast a set of spells in a certain order. Those spells are MIASMA / BIO II / BIO / VIRUS / FESTER. This means that EVERY battle i press those specific spells in that specific order MULTIPLES TIMES! for EVERY monster. S0 overall, that’s 5 key presses. If i fight a regular health mob, i cast that combo about 2-3 times in a battle. That means 15 key presses for one normal semi-easy battle. Now by combining all these into a Macro, i can perform the SAME actions, the SAME order with only 3 key presses per battle as oppose to 15.

With a Final Fantasy XIV ARR Macro, you combine those same actions into one and overall, it makes the game easier, faster and more fun to play.  Handy right?

Ok so all this said, Jumping right into the Macro writing portion of this mini guide, the rules are as follows.

All you need is

1. The action you are going to perform

2. The target that will receive said actions ( Friend or Foe )

3. a specific amount of time to wait between each spell

To begin writing a Final Fantasy XIV ARR Macro, and using my spells example above, you’d write it like this (below)

ffxiv arr macros

To quickly explain, First you type in “/ac ” which means “ACTION”. You can also write it like this: “/Action “.


Secondly, after “/ac” you type in the spell name of the spell you are wanting to use. The only rule is that if the name of the spell is one word, then you dont have to put quotes around the word. If the spells name has two words then you have to use quotes around the name of the spell. If you notice, the first like “MIASMA”, doesnt have any quotes around it whereas the 3rd line “BIO II” does.


Thirdly you assign a target via “<t>”.

and lastly, you need to assign a specific amount of time to wait between spells so that they dont fire off at the same time.


Now you may ask ” how long do i pause between each spell, how do i know the time to wait between spells? “. Well, To answer that, lets look at the spell MIASMA (below )

ffxiv arr macros

If you look closely, the “CAST” time is “2.46″ seconds. So this is the normal amount of time youd way between spells BUT, sometimes because of lag or other mitigating factors, the time it takes to cast may slightly change. What I tend to do is, I round off to the nearest whole number or so. If you look at my macro box above, i use a wait time of “2.6″ seconds to account for any possible lag etc. This ensures your macro will always fire off.


This is just a quick-start-guide. The macro world is FULL of goodies but this will get you going pretty nicely.



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